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Digital Marketing Professionals are a new breed. Becoming a Digital Marketer is in fashion and there is adequate demand for a digital marketer.

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What does a Digital Marketer do?
A digital marketing professional will typically be doing a lot of activities to promote the digital assets that are under her purview. Activities include SEO activities like on page optimization, off page optimization like creating back-links and creating brand presence in as many ways and as many places possible. There are activities related to Email and SMS marketing which may be taken care of by the digital marketer. Another important aspect is taking care of the social media profiles of the brand including on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. Paid Marketing campaigns are also the responsibility of the Digital Marketing Professional.

What is the difference between a digital marketing professional and a YouTuber?
A YouTuber is a Digital Marketing Professional whereas every Digital Marketing Professional may not be a YouTuber. Though a YouTuber does much more than just the duties of a digital marketing professional, like a YouTuber may be doing their own video direction, script, editing and also researching on the channel topic. Yet, it would be safe to say every YouTuber is a digital marketing professional. You can consider a YouTuber as a specialized digital marketing professional having additional skills and traits required to be a YouTuber.

What are the Key Requirements for Digital Marketing Professionals.
As a digital marketing professional, you may not have completed your graduation, and still be great at your work. There are many degrees that are now being offered for Digital Marketing Professional through MBA Colleges and Mass Communication and Journalism Colleges in particular. However, most digital marketing professionals acquire their skills and learn digital marketing online. There are several online courses that offer various certifications in digital marketing and these certifications are well known and are accepted by employers.

Important Information for Digital Marketing as a career.
If you are interested in pursuing a career as a digital marketing professional, the most important thing for you is to start working on some live digital marketing projects. You may create your own website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, YouTube Channel, Podcast, or start with just blogging. You can also start by helping your friends with their online marketing requirements or work for some digital marketing agency or company that requires digital marketing to be done. This is a very practical field and you need to do a lot of actual work to understand how it works and what works well and what does not.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing?
As mentioned before you need to ‘do’ some digital marketing to become a digital marketer. You can start a career in digital marketing by creating a digital property or asset. You may take the help of a developer to create a website or a blog, however starting a Facebook page, or an instagram account or YouTube Channel should be done all by yourself. Most of these platforms have great learning resources which help you learn the tricks of the trade even while setting up the digital properties. A commonly asked question is which platform do I start with? To this the answer is quite simple, if you are looking to start a career in digital marketing, you should start with all or as many properties you can think of. The advantage of this is that you can get exposure to multiple platforms and use learning of one platform to another platform. Usually the content created for one platform can be reused for another platform. For example, if you have created a post with some text and hashtags on Facebook, you can use the same image and text to post on twitter or instagram or reddit or any other social media platform.

Is Digital Marketing a born talent or you can acquire it?
You can acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions required to become a digital marketing expert. There are very few entry barriers to this profession and currently there is a very high demand for this profession. There are loads of options for different types of personalities and skill sets for pursuing digital marketing. If you are very interested in creativity and are not too inclined to do technical work, you could focus on creative writing, storyboarding, animation, campaign management, design and other aspects of digital marketing. On the other hand, if you enjoy doing technical work or are fond of number crunching and analytics, you could become a campaign analyst, work with tools that can be integrated into digital marketing functionalities to produce faster and better results.

Can I become a Digital Marketer?
Almost anyone can acquire the skills to do digital marketing. Since this is an incremental learning skill, the more you ‘do’ in this profession, the better you become. Understanding of basic language skills which includes reading and writing are the only essential skills required for digital marketing. Having a design sense can be a huge advantage, however, it is not an essential skill as most digital marketing professionals work in collaboration with other team members including graphic designers. There is hardly any requirement for mathematical skills or scientific knowledge, except for the fact that you need to be able to assess the performance of your activities by reading numbers that represent performance. For example, by looking at the number of likes you should be able to compare posts and understand which post is more appreciated by your audience and performed better. If you are someone with creative skills and love to share stories or talk and engage with people, this career should be very rewarding for you and learning the ropes of this career should be a piece of cake for you.

Why should one pursue digital marketing as a career opportunity?
There is a paradigm shift in how business, personal and life in general has changed over the last couple of decades. The digitization of business functions, personal or business communication and many other aspects of life has led to tremendous growth of the Information Technology and Communication Sector. Digital Marketing is relatively a new career option and has emerged as a strong career option in the present digital era.

How is the demand for Digital Marketing?
Work Demand is very high because of digital transformation activities in almost every sector. The recent global pandemic Covid-19 has resulted in acceleration of digitization of almost every area and some areas like education and retail have had a tremendous surge of demand for digital marketing professionals. The demand for digital marketers should continue to grow as there are still a lot of unorganized players across multiple sectors who will be joining the mainstream digital world.

Is Quality of Life good for Digital Marketers?
Digital Marketing as a career can be pursued by freelancers and part time workers. It has triggered the birth and growth of the gig economy and gives scope for a good quality of life. In the recent Covid-19 Pandemic situation, we have seen a lot of companies go for Work from Home. This culture already existed in the profession of Digital Marketing. Most digital marketers are able to pursue multiple careers and use digital marketing skills to sponsor their other career like travelling or food blogging research work. A lot of modern day authors also do digital marketing gigs to support their financial needs as book releases take more time and outcomes of writing can also be unpredictable. For digital marketers who are pursuing this as a full time career also there are lots of changes and new learnings which gives a great environment of work. As this is a relatively new career option, the demand for digital marketing professionals is good and so is the pay. This also ensures that quality of life is good for Digital Marketing Professionals.

What do Digital Marketers Earn?
In India, Digital Marketing Professionals can earn as much as software developers in the early stages of their careers. The range is usually between 15K per month to 30K per month for the initial couple of years. Then depending on the performance of the individual and / or the growth of the organization where they are working or consulting, the earning potential goes upto 30K per month to 75K per month in about 5 years of starting this career. In some cases the earning increases with availability of freelancing projects and commission based structures for projects where they are consulting. Most digital marketing professionals also start some side projects like blogs or ecommerce sites where they start generating extra income. People with a combination of writing skills and technical skills or writing skills and design skills or design skills and technical skills are more likely to perform and earn more than professionals who are good at only one of these skills.

What career options does digital marketing open up?
There are many career options open for digital marketing professionals. They can become freelance consultants and offer their services to multiple clients. Digital Marketing professionals can join hands with Design Professionals or Software Developers and start their own ventures. With good experience in digital marketing, there are many opportunities in the field of online production and media companies and most digital marketing professionals do indulge in blogging and some even end up becoming full time bloggers. In the world of microblogging and high touch affiliate marketing, some professionals of digital marketing become micro influencers and we also have witnessed the surge of “digital celebrities”. There are plenty of options available for digital marketing professionals when it comes to establishing themselves in further career paths.

What Education / Degrees should one complete to become a digital marketer?

There are many education paths that lead to a career in digital marketing. Most colleges offering Management Degree Programs, like BBA and MBA include the subjects related to digital marketing. Reputed colleges offer specializations in Digital Marketing especially for students doing their Major in Marketing. Another education path which leads to a career in digital marketing is through a degree in mass communication or journalism. Digital marketing lies in between the intersection multiple courses like journalism and mass communication, also students with degrees in software engineering land up in digital marketing if they have a knack for developing tools for marketing or understand the nuances of search engines and are able to understand data and do analysis of large volumes of data about consumers and their digital behaviours. However, as mentioned earlier, digital marketing careers are more skill based and experience based and can be pursued even without any formal education in digital marketing. There will definitely be added advantage for professionals with degrees in some related fields of education like marketing or engineering or journalism, however, even with degrees in commerce or arts one can enter this field and carve out a niche for themselves, if they are ready to put in the efforts to learn the tricks of the trade.

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