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Becoming a Software Developer has been the most sought after and talked about career option since the last 3 decades in India. Right from early 1990’s till today, this profession is highly coveted and has seen a constant surge in its demand. From the start of the internet web to the dot com to the app era and now the platform age, software developers have seen it all.

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What does a Software Developer Do?

A software developer is someone who writes codes using a computer programming language to carry out tasks which are commonly known as software programs. 

These programs help users carry out tasks which may be simple like taking their date of birth as input and calculating their age and showing it on screen, to really complex tasks like taking the weather data of several years with many parameters like humidity, time, temperature, wind speed, etc. and helping forecast the weather based on historic data combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The job of a developer involves understanding the problem that she is trying to solve and create a solution that will be able to solve the problem efficiently.

What is the difference between a Data Scientist and a Software Developer?

You may call every data scientist a software developer, though that may not be a very exciting thing for a data scientist to be known as, however, very few software developers will be able to become data scientists. 

Besides the use of programming language and logic that every software programmer must possess, data scientists have to be extremely good at data crunching, usually a deep understanding of statistics and mathematics is also a must to become a data scientist. 

The most popular programming language for data scientists is a computer language called Python and there are several other languages like R, C++, C# that are being used by data scientists. 

Some of the most common software languages are Java Script, Java, PHP, ASP.NET Ruby and others.

What are different types of Software Developers?

There are many types of programmers, right from the ones who write hardware driver programs that help in managing functions of machines ranging from light nodes to satellite orbit paths, to software developers who write code for creating software languages such as C, Python, Swift, etc. 

There are other programmers who write software for applications that run on personal computers or macs known as applications and other programmers who write codes that are run on the internet who are known as web developers. 

Software developers can also be quality testers who test the quality of code and find errors or issues known as software bugs. These days there are software developers especially to write code for mobile devices known as app developers. 

A new and emerging field in the world of software development is that of developers who write code that is able to learn from existing data and able to find patterns and give solutions which would be difficult for humans to solve without these programs. 

In fact we have now reached a new paradigm where software developers have started writing codes to create algorithms which are artificial intelligence enabled and can learn and take decisions based on logic and data that may not even be available during the development of such algorithms itself. These programmers are also known as data scientists.

Why should one pursue Software Development as a career?

Software Development is an in demand career. The outlook for this career remains stable. Most activities are being shifted to being digital or digitally managed. This would require many software developers to contribute. 

Even some age old professions like farming are now being carried out with the help of new age technologies. All these technologies are powered by software developers who write code and maintain code to enable these technologies to give results. 

Manufacturing industry is also heavily if not completely involved in digitization and has been powered by the myriad software developed by software developers. Some industries like the healthcare industry, have been early adopters of technology whereas other industries are still in the process of getting transformed digitally. 

All these transitions are happening at a frenetic pace and this makes software development a very lucrative career to pursue.

What are the Degree Requirements to become a software engineer?

A bachelor degree in software engineering or computer science is required to become a software engineer. Most employers look for a bachelor's degree for typical software development jobs. 

However, for senior positions or for companies that have achieved success in the market, a masters degree in computer science will be required. 

For the leading software companies like Google, Facebook, Intel, Amazon there are a lot of articles that claim that degrees are not that important. 

However, this applies only to a rare set of people who have done extensive hands on work for a long period of time and are immensely talented in coding or other fields as per the requirements of these companies. 

In a regular recruitment process, most software companies will prefer a masters degree holder in computer science or software engineering with a good set of programming skills and additional certifications.

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