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A Homemaker is someone who manages her / his household work and takes good care of the family members. She / he plays a vital role in making major decisions for her family. 

Looking after the health, hygiene, safety, security, comfort and privacy of her family members is her / his major job. Besides that, the homemaker is also responsible for providing emotional and mental support to the entire house.

Key Requirements

The homemaker has great responsibilities in order to run her / his home smoothly and efficiently. The job demands some must-have managerial abilities as well as multi-tasking skills. Having knowledge about medicinal home remedies, good cooking and baking skills, cleaning, gardening and nursing are some basic requirements of a good homemaker.

How to Start a career as a Homemaker?

Well, Homemakers don't require any offer letter or an interview to qualify for the job. In fact, they are their own boss. 

Being a full-time Homemaker is a self-made decision that can be taken soon after you graduate or at least after you pass your HSC examination. You can start from your parent’s home itself. 

Taking care of your parents, cooking for them, cleaning the house can always be a learning process. Most homemakers take this as a career after they get married. Although homemaking was never really considered as a career in India till the recent past, now the doors of opportunities are opening for homemaking and individuals are selecting it a full-time career job on purpose rather than on compulsion.

Why should one pursue Homemaking as a Career opportunity?

One of the important reasons why homemaking can be a valid career opportunity is that it carries a major satisfaction. 

Keeping in mind that the health, hygiene, safety and security of your family will always remain in your hands gives a great amount of contentment. 

If you are someone who gets happy when your family is happy then this is the perfect job for you. Because you will always have a share behind the reasons for their joy. Another reason is that, if you are someone who values skills over money and can find peace in the comfort of your own house you can be a homemaker. 

If you find peace in serving hot muffins to your parents or kids rather than feeding them to 100 unknown people for the sake of money, homemaking will be the right career choice.

Do homemakers get Salary? What are the Earning Capabilities in career as a homemaker?

This is the only job in the world that doesn’t promise any salary or fixed form of payments. But the financial securities can be dealt with proper communication and investments with your spouse or other earning members of your family. 

In case a homemaker is also financially prudent, the earning capability is actually the saving capability and the saying "Money Saved is Money Earned" is apt here.

Branches to other Career options

Homemaking is a career path that requires a lot of self-effort. Despite that, many individuals happen to pull out a branch from it to start something new. 

When you are your own boss, you can always manage your time doing something productive of your choice and financially valuable. 

Many homemakers indulge themselves in excellent baking or home décor or indoor gardening. It could be anything that can start on a miniature level and can later grow in a fruitful way. 

While managing your home responsibilities you can parallelly start something small with little budget and market it properly to let it grow further. 

Life is nothing but a path of infinite possibilities and you can always try your hands on things that you love and are passionate about.

What is the Education / Knowledge/ Degree requirement for a career as a home maker?

Education is something a major ‘must have’ for any career path. Although homemaking isn’t confined to any particular degree or diploma, a degree from any stream would work. 

But a suggestive degree that is perfect for this field is Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Home Science. 

BA Home science is the study of the management of resources efficiently. It covers the holistic study of nutrition, health, and growth measures including the science that deals with the surroundings and environment. 

This degree course is a collaboration of hygiene, economics, child development, family relations, sociology, community living, art, food, nutrition and home management.


Homemaking is a job that demands a lot of multitasking skills. One should know how to cook and bake healthy nutritious food, dusting, cleaning, and maintaining hygiene in and around the house. 

Taking care of parents, partners and kids requires some amount of medical knowledge and a lot of presence of mind. Homemakers should also be very skillful in Self-Management as they are required to manage their time in planning their whole day's work, including some ‘me-time' as well as ‘rest period’. 

They should also be skillful in using work simplification methods in order to avoid unnecessary fatigue.


1. Perseverance: This can be one of the foremost vital qualities of the homemaker. The persevering person does not sit idle or give up her effort until the expected results are achieved. This quality plays a crucial role in the achievement of family goals. A person who possesses this quality will be able to acknowledge problems and find different ways to overcome them courageously in all situations. 

2. Adaptability: This is a human quality that makes any person versatile as well as flexible in their day to day living. The quality to adapt oneself to different situations and circumstances of life is an essential caliber for every homemaker. 

3. Resourcefulness: Homemakers must have the capability to use resources and handle circumstances in their absolute best possible ways. A resourceful homemaker is someone who is able to overcome difficulties in various spheres. 

4. Sympathetic: The homemaker must always be sympathetic towards her / his family members. She / he should attain the ability to understand all age groups. This quality will facilitate her to acknowledge and perceive the individual needs of the family. 

5. Judgement: In order to manage multiple activities every single day, it is vital to own the power of judgements. Her / His judgments would help her make correct decisions and she would be able to visualize, evaluate and analyse any critical situation.

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