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Starting Salary > ₹ 10000

Biomedical engineering is the study of engineering as applied in the medical sector such as manufacturing prostheses, medical equipment, diagnostic devices and drugs.


Digital Marketer

Starting Salary > ₹ 15000

Digital Marketing Professionals are a new breed. Becoming a Digital Marketer is in fashion and there is adequate demand for a digital marketer.


Merchant Banker

Starting Salary > ₹ 35000

A Merchant Banker is a finance professional who acts as an intermediary between a Company and a regulator like a stock exchange, and also between a company and investors like retail investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNI’) or Institutional Investors.


Career as a Lawyer in India

Starting Salary > ₹ 25000

A lawyer is a person who practices law either as an attorney, barrister or a legal counselor by preparing, expounding and applying laws to various individualized or specialized situations.


Merchant Navy

Starting Salary > ₹ 20000

Merchant navy, also referred to as merchant marine, is a specialized industry that engages a fleet of ships to support a country’s commercial activities.